Big Plans For A Little Linen Closet

So we have decided to embark on a little project to revamp the linen closet on the second floor. Its a small closet but I am oh so thankful for this extra space devoted to linens, toiletries, and in my opinion all things clean! This closet is definitely not clean at the moment. We haven’t had a linen closet in any of the other homes we lived in, it has been more of a throw everything in your bedroom closet and have it fall on you every time you open the door sort of way of organizing. The one part of housework (I know many disagree) that I enjoy the most is laundry. It can be so minotimous but I love the feeling to clean, warm, fresh scented laundry. I am relatively simple when it comes to bedding and the sort: two sets of sheets for each bed and two white towels for each person. There are all the extras that will go in here and I want to find a nice way to organize everything. I figured this was a tiny little space and it would be a short fun project. In the end I hope its a little sanctuary for my linens.



linen closet
Better Homes and Gardens

I like this simple clean linen closet. Nothing too fussy just nice and organized.



red dresser
found on flickr



There is something about this chest that I just love. I love the bold color and the pattern, I have started to think about doing a stencil on the back wall of the closet to make it really pop. Most of what will be going in there is white and it would be a fun place to try out a bold wall stencil. I really like the blue and white so I think I might do something similar.

black armoire


I love this black one too. I really like how the white linens stand out. I am planning on doing the shelves black milk paint and distressing them a bit.


Here is what it looks like now.


7 thoughts on “Big Plans For A Little Linen Closet

  1. Love the old linen closets! I had one out in the hall, the back was against the bathtub. But it was only about 10″ deep and sine we were tearing out the bathroom decided to move it to the end of the bathtub. There we were able to make it bigger and to give the toilet a bit more leg room. Got to love those cozy 1920’s bathrooms!! I have wire baskets in my closet, which work out really well. Didn’t do anything for color in the closet, but in the medicine cabinet I hung polka dotted contact paper. Very fun to see in the morning! Looks like a fun project!

    1. This linen closet is backing up to the bathroom. The little door is actually the plumbing access panel. I was thinking of some sort of baskets, wire or natural fiber. What a great idea with the contact paper, maybe I should try that in my medicine cabinet.

    1. Colleen,
      We have done some serious work to play up this little door. I’ll be posting soon about the process of refinishing it, you can get some preview pics at our instagram page- @houseonthefritz.

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