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After my post about the dining room, I had a couple people ask questions about the table in there. Steven actually made this table, I am fortunate enough that he not only does contracting but is a furniture maker on the side. The focus of this blog is the renovation of our old house and decorating but we would both like to include some information about furniture and how he does his work.

table 1
Table before any finish
After stain was applied
Before we milk painted the bottom

The table is called a “Tavern Table”. The table is beautiful, we actually had it stored in our attic for about a year before I put it in the dining room. It is just so pretty and I was worried that the kids would damage it. Its made of tiger maple which gives it the stripes. After assembly, Steven used a water based stain to bring out the striped appearance, followed by a more amber stain to mellow it out. He used high gloss Waterlox to seal the table. The Waterlox is already pretty glossy but he finished it with a wet sanded which very very fine sandpaper and an extra coat of the Waterlox to make it extra smooth and glossy. Steven used a wool buffing pad to remove any imperfections left in the final coat of finish. Its held up really well to meals, art projects, and matchbox cars, I actually think its looking better the more we use it.

Table base before paint
Materials for painting

We decided to paint he table base with black milk paint. The table top is really the prize of this piece and I didn’t want to detract from it. The black milk paint also makes light reflect off of the curves of the legs and shows off their shape. If you have any more questions about the details of the assembly/finishing, or you would like one for yourself, don’t hesitate to ask!

Table Top
Finished Table

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