A Quick Way To Restore Hardware


While we are working on the linen closet, the door has been off and I decided to strip the hardware to see what was underneath years of sloppy paint. All the hinges in the house have many layers of paint and we knew that we had to strip them, and depending on what was underneath, spray them. So I took off the door hinges and plopped them into a pot of water. I boil them for about 10 minutes and scraped them off using a small putty knife. To my surprise there was brass underneath. After most of the paint was off, I used 000 steel wool to clean them off. This is the finest steel wool you can get, and very easy to find at any hardware store. Because the steel wool is so fine, it removes bits off the surface without damaging or scratching the brass. I did not want to clean them too much, and remove all their character. With further cleaning, I found a Stanley Sweetheart logo. Steven is familiar with this logo. He prefers this logo on his beloved Stanley hand planes. It is a mark of the height of Stanley’s quality. This was such a pleasant surprise and I hope to do this to the rest of the hardware throughout the house.




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